Photos of Bolingbrook Contest

FPLD_Old-NewThanks to all of our patrons who entered the Photos of Bolingbrook Contest. The photos are now on display in Studio 300, and you can vote for your favorites. You can also see them online by following this link to the library’s Flickr page.

Our contest was inspired both by the 50th Anniversary of Bolingbrook and by the Discover Earth activities developed for Star_Net (Science-Technology Activities and Resources for Libraries). Some of the big ideas behind Discover Earth are:

  • We belong to Earth
  • Each region is unique
  • Your home is changing

We hope you enjoy these photos. If any of them spark a memory for you, please share it with the library. We plan to add these photos to the Local History Room as a window on Bolingbrook in the past and the present.

Video Promotion Ideas

Use the resources at Studio 300 to make a video that promotes your business, service, event, cause, or something else. You can checkout video cameras, microphones, and tripods for working outside of the library. Or you can use the video production rooms to make your project right in Studio 300.

Our iMac computers have the latest editing software so you can give your video all the finishing touches – titles, music, and more! You even have free access to stock video, audio, music, and graphics content. Of course, our staff will offer assistance by answering questions and pointing you to free resources that can ensure your video is a success.

Stuck on an idea? Here are a few different approaches you might consider for your promotional video. All were produced by Studio 300 staff using the same resources that are available to our patrons. Check them out:

Notes on the clips:

  • Summer Adventure used Comic Life 2 and After Effects.
  • Passport to Success used After Effects and Premiere Pro with the voice-over recorded in Studio 300.
  • Lincoln used iMovie, After Effects, and Premiere Pro with ALA-supplied graphics and stock music from AudioBlocks.
  • Passport Career Track used an AC-160 camera, Premiere Pro, voice-over recorded in Studio 300, and stock music from AudioBlocks.
  • Studio 300 Adventure used an iMovie Trailer template with footage from an AC-160 camera. (One clip used stock footage from VideoBlocks with a little help from After Effects).
  • Studio 300 Sneak Peek used stock footage from Digital Juice and the Prelinger Archives. This was made before Studio 300 opened, so other resources were used at the time.


New 3D Printer Filament

3D filamentStudio 300 recently added several new filaments for use with our 3D printer.

The new colors are Blue Glow (it glows in the dark!), Red, Orange, Magenta, Gold and Green. You can create your own 3D models using the free program Sketchup. Or use a pre-existing design by visiting

3D models cost 10 cents per gram after it is printed and weighed.

Popcorn Diaries Episode 021

Join Joe and Adriana as they once again go head-to-head and disagree about the pros and cons of a classic movie. This 21st episode features E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It’s Adriana’s beloved childhood movie. Joe feels it’s overrated and just ‘meh’.

Will Joe and Adriana find common ground on this movie? The outlook is doubtful. You need to listen in to find out for sure.

Are you with Joe? Or is Adriana right? Let us know what you think using the comments below. Coming up in the next episodes, Joe and Adriana preview this year’s jam-packed Summer Blockbuster season. Don’t miss it!


Photographers in the making

17091123652_7bf68ce96a_mIt great when kids get excited about learning. Recently Joe and Adriana teamed up with our Children’s department to teach photography skills to our Tween patrons. After talking about some ways to improve their own everyday photography, the kids put what they learned into practice by taking pictures around the library. Follow this link to see their outstanding results.

Also, be sure to check out the Photos of Bolingbrook contest and show us your pictures – past or present – of Bolingbrook.


Popcorn Diaries Episode 020

For this latest episode, Adriana and Joe go head-to-head as they discuss the pros and cons of National Treasure. Joe defends his appreciation while Adriana is heavily against it. Will Joe and Adriana find common ground on this movie? Listen in to find out.

Let us know what you think. Are you with Joe? Or is Adriana right? At the end is a sneak peak of the next movie they will fight about … er …. discuss during episode 21.


300 in 300 – 004

Join us for the latest 300 Seconds in Studio 300 podcast where we discuss what’s new in the Fountaindale Public Library media creation space. Jeffrey sits down with three Studio 300 staff members – Adriana, Anna, and Ryan – to talk about upcoming April 2015 programs including the Foto Forum photography club. Got five minutes? Give this podcast a listen!

Websites for Learning Coding

code-MyOVmpU_If you are looking to learn HTML, Java, CSS, and other coding languages, there are a few websites available that can help. Codecademy is a free site where you earn badges as you progress through the lessons. is a pay site that offers extensive video-based training, but is free for Fountaindale library cardholders (access it with your FPLD card through this portal). After you’ve mastered the basics, check out CodeWars and improve your skills by performing different tasks.